VIP Program

Vip is a coaching program created to recognize the contribution of coaches in communities across Nova Scotia. Vip is not a certification or requirement, but rather a proactive opportunity for coaches to continue to excel in ethical leadership. This program is designed to raise the bar for what it means to be a coach in Nova Scotia. To date, over 400 coaches from across the province of Nova Scotia have applied to be a Support4Sport vip coach. These coaches represent more than 40 sports and close to 45% of these coaches identify as female. Of these applicants, nearly 150 coaches have obtained the vip status. We would like to recognize the following Speed Skating coaches for their commitment to safe sport, ethical leadership and creating a positive impact in their communities: Sheila McGinn from the DCSSC and Lauren Muzak-Ruff from the AVSSC.

On behalf of SSNS we congratulate these two coaches for the extra effort they have shown to improve our sport.