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Tuesday , September 29 , 2020


Speed Skate Nova Scotia is the governing body for the sport of speed skating in Nova Scotia.  It is a branch of Speed Skating Canada, and a member of Sport Nova Scotia

Our Mission

The mission of Speed Skate Nova Scotia is to promote, develop and govern the sport of speed skating in Nova Scotia.

Our Core Values

We will act in accordance with the following core values in fulfilling our mission:

Photo courtesy of Peter Steeper Photography

Accessibility and inclusiveness

We believe that skating is an iconic Canadian experience that should be accessible to all Nova Scotia residents regardless of their personal circumstances.


We will strive for excellence of athletic activity, coaching, officiating and administration in order to provide our members with the opportunity to fulfil their personal potential in the sport.


We will act with respect in all of our dealings, and will seek to instil in our membership respect for themselves, for others, for rules and regulations, for equipment and facilities, and for the privileges and opportunities they are offered.

Fairness and integrity

We will provide fair and equitable training and competitive experiences, and will act with integrity in all of our dealings.

Health and safety

Training and competition practices must protect skaters from injury, and be designed to ensure their long term health and well-being.


Participants in speed skating should experience the joy of sport.

Giving back

As we are supported by our communities, so will we also give back in ways that strengthen and support the well-being of those communities.

Our Vision

Speed skating will become an accessible winter sport for all Nova Scotians, and a full and rewarding option for Nova Scotians with aspirations to an athletic career.