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Wednesday , November 20 , 2019
Events  >  Canada Winter Games

Speed Skate Nova Scotia Canada Winter Game 2019 Team Selection Criteria. 

Are you a speed skater aged 14-19 as of June 30, 2018? Do you want to be a part of Team Nova Scotia? 

Check out the CWG 2019 Selection Document here.
  2019 CWG LT Selection Competition RE-SKATE POLICY

For further information please explore the Canada Winter Games Technical Package links

The 2019 Canada Winter Games will take place in Red Deer, AB.  Nova Scotia is eligible to send 5 male and 5 female athletes to the short track competition, and 4 male and 4 female athletes to the long track competition.

For information about qualifying for the Nova Scotia speed skating team for these Games, see the 2019 Canada Winter Games Team Selection Criteria (Click here). For details about the 2019 Canada Winter Games, see the Red Deer 2019 Canada Games website.