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Wednesday , September 30 , 2020

2017 Speed Skate Nova Scotia Annual General Meeting Agenda

June 25, 2017- 10:00am

3rd Floor Classroom, Sport Nova Scotia- 5516 Spring Garden Rd., 4th Floor, Halifax, NS B3J 1G6

1)       Call to Order

2)       Approval of Minutes of 2016 AGM

3)       Reports 

a.        President

b.     2017 SSC AGM Update

c.       Treasurer

                                                                i.      Treasurer's Report 

                                                              ii.      2015-2016 Financial Statements

                                                             iii.      2016-2017 Budget

4)       Committee Reports

a.        Finance Committee 

b.       Coaching and Athlete Development Committee 

c.        Officials Committee 

d.       Competitions Committee 

e.       Club and Membership Development Committee

5)       Club reports

a.       Dartmouth Crossing Speed Skating Club

b.       Halifax Regional Speed Skating Club

c.        Northside Blades Speed Skating Club

d.       Nova Scotia Masters Speed Skating Club

e.       Speedy Kids Oval Program Society

f.         Valley Speed Skating Club

6)       New Business

7)       Appointment of Directors

Immediately following the AGM there will be a meeting of the new Board of Directors to elect the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

8)       Adjournment of AGM